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We are so honored to have you apart of the Cuccio Somatology Program. Our program is here to teach you on how to use and sell your products. It doesn’t have to be sales-y, super difficult or make you go super out of your way. All you have to do is show up to classes with our product and people will ask you what it is. It works every time.

What do I get out of this?

For each product you sell, you make double what you invested.

You are a part of a family of Yogis, Health Conscious People and more here at Cuccio Somatology. We believe it is our responsibility and takes teamwork to spread health, happiness and our knowledge of yoga. We know the importance of having a practice such as yoga, meditation or something that makes us calm despite our busy lives. Now you can bring your passion to more people.

 BIG OPPORTUNITY = Increase your income every day!

“Yoga Instructors, it is possible to generate plenty of cash in your business, from right where you are, right now.  Keep teaching, just double your money per hour."

-Danielle Cuccio, CEO





Meet CEO, Danielle Cuccio, the success story behind the brand. 

Danielle Cuccio, a real life Yoga Instructor, driving all around town to bring yoga to every single one of her clients.  It all started when Danielle was an Esthetician working with skincare products.  Danielle realized that no topical solution product could enhance one's beauty, but yoga was the answer.  She watched yogis come out of classes, radiating a glow that no facial could ever give.  She soon realized that practicing a lifestyle such as yoga incorporates: exercise, eating well, sleeping efficiently, hydration, positive thinking, relaxation; all playing a role in happiness and health.  It's a lifestyle. Having danced her entire life, Danielle loved movement and how it made her feel happier and healthier on a whole.  It was her true passion.  Growing up in a family in the beauty industry with her parents' nail manufacturing and nail polish brand, she felt it was the perfect tie to combining her passions: yoga & beauty.  Danielle quit her Esthetician job and jumped into teaching yoga, where she would teach the true root to beauty.  She started making her own blends of oils and mat cleaners to enhance her students' yoga experiences, making them feel whole, at peace and balanced.  Her students continuously asked, "Danielle, what is that smell?  It's amazing!"


Danielle could have had the opportunity to go into the family business manufacturing nail products and make a six-figure salary, but that was not her passion.  YOGA WAS HER PASSION and she wanted to follow it and make it her life long goal to make it her career.  Even teaching top celebrities and corporate staff yoga classes, it was hard to know that she had reached her income cap.  She wanted to be able to meet more yogis and share her story.


The TRUTH of being a full-time Yoga Instructor and living your passion isn’t always the most income heavy job.  Clients cancel, classes can pay $25 per class sometimes, driving to and from clients take time and energy - there is only one YOU and only 24 hours in a day.  WHY Danielle created a brand that YOGIS could sell to their yogis.  A brand that could help yoga instructors make a better living, while still living their passion. 

And now, that can be you!

We have made sure that our program is nothing like any other program you have been a part of.

We want to bring out the best yoga instructor and person out in you.

Become a part of the family! 



Once you are an ambassador - make double your money. Sky’s the limit!


Get a lifetime of 25-50% off ALL PRODUCT!  Start selling to your students, family, friends and fellow yogis. 

THE PROGRAM PACKAGE, you get: $250+ Value, ONLY $125 + FREE SHIPPING

This is the best way to become an ambassador learning the easy ins and outs of selling and how to make more easily with your first round of products.  You should be able to sell these in a day or week.


● Starter Product Kit: 10 Uplifting Bergamot Balancing Oils, 5 8oz. Calming Balancing Lotions, 5 2oz. Yoga Mat Sani Cleaners, 1 Yoga Essentials Try Me Kit, 5 Power Flow Yoga DVDs ($19.99 value each!)

  • How To Sell A Class Instructional Course 
  • A Lifetime Discount: No Expiration
    • 25% Off All Orders Under $200
    • 50% Off All Orders over $200 (wholesale) 
  • A Community: Exclusive Access To Our Ambassadors ONLY Facebook Page - Communicate with Yogis and Health Conscious Instructors, Studios all over the world
  • Specialized Online Discount Code to share if students prefer to buy online - 5% profit of every order via our online store.



Don’t want to invest but want to sell and know local studios that might want to carry us in their retail space or in their back-bar to clean their own studio rental mats?  Make 5% of every sale for a lifetime (yes, every time they re-order)!  

How:  Go to your local yoga studios, drop off a business card (we can get these made for you!) and if they order product for their retail space and/or back bar to clean their studio mats, you will get 5% of every order from that studio!

Refer 5+ studios and your % will increase.

You can take the order yourself and send to us or have them contact with your name as the referral/sales consultant.

NO MONEY up front - just money delivered to you every month.


To become a CUCCIO SOMATOLOGY CONSULTANT - e-mail us below:



The Truth To True Beauty


"Beauty from the inside out."

Human beings are a complex integration of three components: body, mind and spirit. Real beauty comes from within and comes from healthy choices we make on a day ­to­ day basis for all three.

Cuccio Somatology is here to help you make the right choices.
We are so excited to have you be a part of The Cuccio Somatology family.

Los Angeles, CA (323) 863­5041

We would love to have you on board! To place your order, simply e-mail info@cucciosomatology us or start here!

Thanks for being a part of the Cuccio Somatology team! Together, we are building a greater yoga community with more peace, balance and happiness in the world.