Cuccio Somatology


$ 68

A duo kit to help you find calm in moments including 2 of our best selling products.



Pause Meditation Mist 2oz.

Cooling Spot Therapy 1.35oz.


PAUSE Meditation Mist is made to help calm the senses and prepare for the best of meditation sessions.  Can also be used as a pillow spray or a mid-day mist of calm.  Helps calm the mind and body in moments.  Using the finest ingredients, no artificial fragrance and all natural essential oils to help relax, leaving the mind, body and spirit completely calm, renewed + restored.  


Cooling Spot Therapy helps awaken your senses, find focus and calm.  Our temple rub is designed to reinvigorate and restore clarity.  Can be applied to temples or back or neck to help you feel recharged in moments.  Helps tension and headaches.


Step 1:  PAUSE MEDITATION MIST helps calm the senses and prepare for the best of meditation sessions.  Can also be used as pillow spray or a mid-day mist of calm.

Spray in a room to help create a relaxing experience or to help find a moment of calm.

Step 2: COOLING SPOT THERAPY awakens your senses and helps reinvigorate and restore clarity.  

Apply a small amount to temples or back of neck to feel the cool sensation and melt stress away in moments.

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The perfect place to start to help you find calm throughout your day.  Makes for a great gift too! 




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