With Fall HERE, we are so excited to share that Fall is our favorite time to go within and sink a bit deeper into what it is you truly want spiritually, financially, physically, romantically and in all areas of your life. There's a little chill in the air (and we are so thankful for it being out here in HOT Los Angeles!) and it allows us to wake up our senses and reconnect to ourselves... There is no better time than NOW to do exactly that before we wrap up the year.  

Here at Cuccio Somatology, we always want you to find time for YOU, for self-care and wellness.  It's our goal to be your guide to finding more well being in your life and through our wellness tips & products we know it will work.

Be the best version of yourself.  Make it a priority to feel your best this Fall.  We have shared some of our favorite Fall Wellness Tips below and we welcome you to join in on our #FallFavorites too.


TIP #1: GO FOR A WALK :  Leaves are falling and nature is abundant and beautiful.  NOW is a good time to get out and explore.  Take a walk.  Take a DEEP breath and breathe in the fresh, crisp air.  Temperatures are a bit lower, so enjoy the breeze.  Walks have been proven to help with mental focus, peace of mind, stress, weight loss, cardiovascular health and more.

TIP #2: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR : This one has been a favorite of mine for so long!  Every morning, take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add it to half a cup of warm water.  Sip and go!  Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing for the digestive system and leveling out your pH.  Also, it's amazing for your skin.  We love Bragg's as a brand choice!
TIP #3: YOGA: Get in that yogahhh!  We love nothing more than getting in yoga in the Fall because there's nothing better than getting warm on a cooler day.  Warm up and get in your yoga?  Yes, please!  *Note: this does not need to be hot yoga!
TIP #4: EAT LOCAL IN SEASON FRUITS & VEGGIES:  There are certain foods that are in season and can be locally grown and made in certain seasons in the year.  FALL favorite include: Beets. They may be available year-round, but beets are at their best in the fall, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cranberries (Thanksgiving anyone?!), Persimmons, Pomegranates, Pumpkins, Squash & Sweet Potatoes are just a few of our favorites.
TIP #5: OUR FALL BATH RITUAL:  And saving our best for last.  Fall is a time to slow down and find more time for self care.  BATHS DO EXACTLY THAT.  Put your phone down and stay warm in a hot bath.  Fight inflammation and stress with these bath salts: Detox Bath and/or hydrate the skin too with MILK BATH.
These are just a few Fall favorites - Are you as excited as we are?  Bring it on Fall and hope you all get in your self-care you so deserve! <3