yogahhh! DETOX BATH - Coming Soon!

Cuccio Somatology

yogahhh! DETOX BATH - Coming Soon!

$ 39.95

You asked, we answered!


Post Practice + Relaxing Soak Ritual

Baths have been known for centuries to heal and restore the body.  Baths can restore your mood, heal skin conditions, help with muscle pain, can aid and produce better sleep quality, reduce cold symptoms and calm arthritic pain.  It's also a time for you to press reset on your mind.  A bath is a perfect time to find a deeper connection with yourself, meditate and release stress from your day.  We created a bath experience made with natural Eucalyptus oil, Greek Mastiha, Mediterranean Sea Salts + Goji Berry Extract.  This is a bath experience you won't want to miss.

16oz. Spout Bag